We love to help children, here are some stories about our work and how we helped.

Carol had experienced her first person centred review for her son in mainstream school and this had come from training provided by Learn to Live. It was the first time that they had talked about Bob at the annual review, his interests for example, rather than just education.

For the first time Carol had felt that her views were heard. The boards illuminated the discussion and actions. For example, the Careers South West adviser had never met Bob and knew nothing about him.

They were able to discuss further education in a way that was focused on Bob and was quick and effective. The standard route was not what Bob wanted and this was made clear and ways were found that could help him on the route he wanted.
A year 11 pupil, with a statement of educational need in a mainstream college, was also a child in care. The child was at risk of exclusion as there were growing concerns over the child’s behaviour and attitude to learning. Listen to Me was undertaken as part of the annual review and child in care review. Listen to Me highlighted issues with placement, contact and general frustrations. The placement was resolved and the pupil went into supported lodgings early. The pupil finished the school year, attended all exams and has applied for a place at a college of further education. It made all the difference to this child and their outcomes as their voice was heard and responded to – result!