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Learn to Live is a co-operative movement so it is not on a commercial footing. We are just trying to cover the costs of sharing it with other people.

We do need, however, to try to protect our material as it should not be used inappropriately and we know that small changes can really undermine it.

If you wish to join and become a member, we would like you to have some introduction and that is what our conference days do.  Coming to the conference gets you access to all our materials and then we can plan together how to support you from there. Please email Christine Walker christine.walker@learntolivefederation.co.uk if you would like to register an interest to attend a future conference in your local area.

We can also do something bespoke and we can respond to your needs.

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If you want to join, please fill in the form above or contact Christine Walker on Christine.walker@learntolivefederation.co.uk or ring her on 01392 463820 or 01803 864120

We want you to join us!