Learn to Live Conference: November 2014

Learn to Live Conference: November 2014

The second Learn to Live conference was held 10 November 2014. A mixture of people from primary, secondary and special schools attended. There were 20 people who came. Initially we were disappointed at the numbers but when we reflected we realised that the lower number greatly increased the quality of the input. This means that we will limit the numbers to about 20 people in future.

There were about ten people there supporting the event so you can see that it was good value for money at £80 per head including lunch and access to the website materials until August 2014!
Spurred on by the positive response we plan the next event for Thursday 12th March 2015 at Buckfast Abbey which is always a good location and should make it easier for people in the south of the county. Contact Christine Walker on 01392 463820 or christine.walker@exeter-ellen-tinkham.devon.sch.uk to book places. For any school where someone attended last time, the cost will only be £50 but places are limited.

Feedback from the Tiverton event was very positive with lots of action plans: evaluation forms typically said things like:


  1. Learning more about ‘Listen to Me’ booklet
  2. Meeting with others who are using the programme
  3. Understanding how the system works as a whole approach


  1. The enthusiasm of deliverers
  2. Listen to Me and One Page Profile
  3. The ‘movement’ of support for the student


  1. The Listen to Me booklet and how it could be used in different settings
  2. A better understanding of how this pupil centred approach feeds into all aspects of a child’s teaching, support and learning

There was also lots of energy for action with people making plans about what to do next such as:

‘I am going to talk to my Line Manager about using this approach with young carers. Discuss with a team member who is involved with CLA and talk to SLT about many other ideas on how we can integrate this into our ways of working.’

‘Use the ‘Listen To Me’ booklet with SEND and CP Pupils as a start; use the Good Choice Plan with children who are at risk of exclusion; and create some personal profiles’

‘Discuss/share with the leadership team – especially the ‘Listen To Me’ booklet; identify pupils for ‘One Page Profiles’ and initiate creation; and use of ‘Decision Making’ booklet to smarten TAC (team around the child) meeting actions.’

If you want something in your area, or tailor made then let us know. We plan facilitator and advocacy training and will let you know when and where. All charges are just to meet costs.