• No-one is excluded
  • Everyone has a voice
  • Everyone will be the best they can be


  • Unleash the creativity of families
  • Be transparent about what resources are available
  • Achieve the necessary cultural change
  • Give more control to families
  • Recognise that a small minority of families are more vulnerable and safeguarding has to take precedence
  • Creates greater efficiencies by reducing bureau-cracy and effort
  • Families include situations where children are in care
  • Ensures that the child is treated as a person, not a process


  1. Provide a mechanism to support, listen and respond to the powerful voice of children and their families to affect cultural change and:
    • support effective, creative commissioning and co-construction of services through sharing information and ideas
    • find ways to give additional
    • support to families which need it to engage support families to understand how to make informed choices which achieve the best outcomes for their child
    • inform the Devon SEN pathfinder
    • support the Devon SEN pathfinder to reduce bureaucracy and repetition
  2. To focus families, schools and other professionals to collaborate and work together effectively and efficiently through a single family held plan which:
    • is regularly reviewed so that it evolves with the child
    • replaces the current statement and meets statutory requirements
    • is bigger than and encompasses education, health and social care plans as a vibrant, ac-tive tool which is used frequently
    • makes best use of the resources and does not necessarily require more financial investment
    • potentially taps other resources such as community and family strengths or charities and trusts